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Seam Welding Machine - Longitudinal Welding Machine

Seam Welding Machine: Longitudinal Welding Machine is designed to provide Longitudinal Welding for parts that are bent in the forms of cylindrical, conical and rectangular as well as the sheet metals in the form of plates.

What is a Seam Welding Machine (Longitudinal Welding Machine)?

With Seam Welding Machine parts with the diameter of 100 – 3000 mm can easily be welded on different machine types. Machine with internal and external welding feature is manufactured with lengths ranging from 1 meter to 4 meters. For certain special conditions the machine length may increase as well. Right now the parts with maximum thickness of 0,60 mm can be welded. The thickness may go up to 20-25mm for the submerged welding applications. The longidutinal welding of the material and items such as the boilers, bath heaters, solar energy boilers, cooling tanks, natural gas chimneys, LPG tanks etc are mode on this machine. The welding systems such as submerged, gas metal and TIG work in sync with our machine.

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Seam Welding Machine Technical Details

Technical DetailsKWBKM-1000KWBKM-1500KWBKM-2000KWBKM-3000
Work Pieces Diameter (Min.Max/MM)100-650150-650250-800350-800
Work pieces Lenght (MM)1000150020003000
Metarial Tichkness (MM)0,6-100,6-100,6-101-10
Pressing Power (BAR)8888
Input Power380V-50 Hz380V-50 Hz380V-50 Hz380V-50 Hz
Welding Speed (MM/Dak)0-20000-20000-20000-2000
free Speed (MM/Dak)3000300030003000
Dimension (MM)2100x2000x12002700x2100x12003250x2500x12004250x2500x1200
ColorRed – BlackRed – BlackRed – BlackRed – Black
Welding MethodTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/Saw
Weight KG1200160023503000

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Seam Welding Machine - Longitudinal Welding Machine Usage Areas

The usage areas of the longitudinal machine are quite wide. It is used for longitudinal welding of workpieces of different shapes and thicknesses with this machine. Pipe welding machines can also be used for submerged arc welding works. It enables the works to progress rapidly by making mass production. With the precision production of the machine, it is possible to make the welding exactly at the desired point. With its strong clamping feature, welding is done perfectly. Among the areas where the longitudinal machine is used are the following.

In the manufacture of thermosiphon
In boiler manufacturing
In solar energy tank construction
In LPG cylinders
In natural gas chimneys
In cooling tank manufacturing

Longitudinal Welding Machine Manufacturer

Production is carried out for the sector in which it will be used by our company, which is a manufacturer of longitudinal welding machine. The machines produced by our company work in harmony with gas metal arc, submerged arc and tig welding machines. These machines provide to increase work efficiency and save time. The machines produced by our company have a centering system. In this way, it is enough to enter your measurements.
With the machine with a touch screen, the report of the work done can be taken. You can get the pipe welding machine you need by contacting our company. If you need a machine that makes welding with standard dimensions, we supply it from our ready stocks. When you want it to weld in special dimensions and wall thickness, we make the production in accordance with the specifications you want. You can contact our company for price information and detailed technical specifications of the product.


Longitudinal Welding Machine

It provides welding of cylindrical, rectangular, conical and circular cut sheets with a longitudinal welding machine. The machine takes this name because it welds these parts longitudinally. It is also called a pipe welding machine because it welds the tubular parts longitudinally. The machine, which aligns perfectly, makes the welding to the exact point.
Pipe welding machine is used for welding parts with diameter between 100 mm and 3000 mm. The machine that makes the weld from the inside out is also produced with a length between 1 m and 5 m. In addition, it can be produced in longer lengths if needed. It is possible to weld sheets with a wall thickness of 0.60 mm as standard. In addition, workpieces with greater wall thickness can also be welded when necessary.

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Yes. Welkon manufactures the longitudinal welding machine at any quantity you want.

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