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Welkon Welding is the leading manufacturer of welding machines in the world with more than 20 years of experiences. If you need any welding machines, send us your inquiry.


We manufacture the welding machines according to european standarts with high quality.


Beside of our experienced team, we have a big manufacting capacity with the latest technology machines.

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We Are The Leading Welding Machines Manufacturer

As Welkom Welding, we have many years of experience and high expertise with the quality of your business. We help you with our quality, pioneer in the sector and high service quality as the first day we were established by turning from a small company to a big company. Our products and projects we produce contributes to the growth of your company with years of experience and adds confidence in your trust with our reference, we offer the best quality and the best service in Turkey. We are one of the most popular companies in the sector with pipe rotator, tank rotator, longitudinal welding machine, seam welding machine, linear welding machine, circular welding machine, horizontal circumference welding machine, horizontal type automatic circular welding machine, welding positioner, column and boom, welding manipulator, H beam welding machine, L type welding positioner, sleeve welding machine, trailer chasis positioner and chain rotator.

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What is a Welding Machine?

A welding machine is a tool used in welding operations. Welding is the joining of two or more pieces of metal by heating or applying a pressure. This process is widely used in industrial production. Welding machines are devices used to perform this process.
The types of welding machines vary according to their usage areas and welding methods. The most commonly used welding machine types in industrial production; MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), Electric Arc Welding, Plasma Cutting and Laser Welding machines. MIG welding machines use a gas shielded welding method and are particularly common in areas such as metalworking, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, pipelines, construction and defense industries. TIG welding machines use a gas shielded welding method using tungsten electrodes and are frequently used in precision welding, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. Electric Arc Welders are one of the oldest methods of joining metal parts. Joining is carried out by heating the arc between the electrode and the workpiece. Plasma Cutting machines are a device used in the cutting process. It is used to cut metal parts and is frequently used in metalworking, automotive and defense industries. Laser Welding machines are a device used to join metal parts using laser technology. It is used in industrial productions that require high precision.

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Beam Welding Machine

The joint to be welded in the system must be tightened in a non-slip manner and the welding head is welded while remaining on the rotating workpiece precisely.

Boom Welding Machine

It is fixed by means of the clamps, which enable easy holding of the big booms on the machine.

Chain Type Rotator

Height adjustment can be made to the parts to be welded and desired welding height can be adjusted with endless chain length.

Chassis Positioner

Height adjustment can be made to the parts to be welded and desired welding height can be adjusted with endless chain length.

Chassis Welding Machine

With our chassis welding machines, you can increase your workforce, reduce your costs and produce better quality products with much better quality resources.

Circular Welding Machine & Systems

The system is used for the circular welding of the materials with circular form and enables the root welding to come under the area, where the welding process is undertaken

Circular Welding Machine

The joint to be welded in the system must be tightened in a non-slip manner and the welding head is welded while remaining on the rotating workpiece precisely.

Column Boom Welding System

 It has been developed for the purpose of length and circular welding with automatic welding system.

L Type Welding Positioner

The ‘L’ unit in front and the table can rotate around its own axes, providing a great convenience to the operator who will weld.

Longitudinal Welding Machine

Parts with the diameter of 100 – 3000 mm can easily be welded on different machine types. Machine with internal and external welding feature is manufactured with lengths ranging from 1 meter to 4 meters.

Pipe Rotator

The joint to be welded in the system must be tightened in a non-slip manner and the welding head is welded while remaining on the rotating workpiece precisely.

Rotator Inverter (Tank Inverter)

The wheels designed for the number and diameter of the rotator units are specially coated according to the condition of the materials.

Sleeve Welding Machine

 Welkon Welding machines have been manufactured in two different ways to make such operations.

Welding Positioner

Our welding positioners enable the welding operator to adjust the optimal angle and rotate the workpiece, making the welding operator easier and better quality.

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How it works

Usage Areas of Welding Machine We Manufacture

The welding machine is a device widely used in arts and hobbies as well as in industrial productions. So in which areas is the welding machine used? In this article, we will present you a few examples of the usage areas of the welding machine.


1. Industrial Production:

The welding machine is one of the most used devices in industrial production. Welding machines used for joining metal parts are used in many fields such as automotive, shipbuilding, aviation, construction, agriculture and defense industries.

2. Metalworking:

The welding machine is also used in cutting, bending and punching in the metalworking industry. Plasma cutting machines and laser cutting machines are one of the important devices used in cutting metal parts.

3. Art:

The welding machine is also often used by artists. Metal sculptures, lighting systems, furniture and other metalwork are created with the help of a welding machine.

4. Hobbies:

Welding machine is also frequently preferred for hobby purposes. Car repairs, motorcycle construction, metalwork and other crafts require the use of a blowtorch.

5. Repair:

Welding machine is also used to repair damages in houses, gardens and cars. Welding machines are used in many areas such as gates, bicycles, garden furniture, fencing systems and car repairs.

Top Quality Welding Machine Manufacturer

Welding machine is an important device used in many fields. If the production of this device is carried out using the right design and manufacturing techniques, a quality and durable product can be obtained. At this very point, as Welkon, the Welding Machine Manufacturer, its leading position in welding machine production comes into play.

Welkon has been operating as a leading company in welding machine production since 2005. It provides the best service to its customers by using high quality materials and using the latest technologies in welding machine production with its professional team. Our company, with its many years of experience in welding machine production, produces different welding machines used in many fields. There are different types such as MIG/MAG, TIG, electrode welding machines. We also offer welding machines designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of our customers.
Welkon, a Welding Machine Manufacturer, always prioritizes customer satisfaction in welding machine production. For this reason, every material and production techniques used in the production of welding machines are determined in accordance with the needs of our customers. In addition, we provide after-sales support to our customers, ensuring that their problems are resolved as soon as possible.


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