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L Type Welding Positioner

Our L Type Welding Positioners ensure that the workpieces are brought to the most suitable position for welding. Using this product, workpiece up and down movements can be performed easily.

What is a L Type Welding Positioner?

The ‘L’ unit in front and the table can rotate around its own axes, providing a great convenience to the operator who will weld. It minimizes the loss of time by eliminating the material that may occur during the production by carrying, rotating and lifting. L type welding positioner is a 3-axis system.

Welkon Welding’s 3-axis L-type welding positioners, which we manufacture, are easy to control and provide a great convenience to the operator . After placing the operator part to be welded, our L type welding positioner can be controlled easily. It can rotate the material counterclockwise and clockwise with the control panel. It can also find the best welding angle by moving it up and down. As Welkon Welding, we produce standard L type welding positioners from 1 ton to 5 tons and also manufacture L type welding positioners that can handle more weight in special cases.

As standard in L type welding positioners, there is adjustable rotation speed in table and inclination movements, remote control system to facilitate the work of operators, speed indicator on the control in order to follow the rotation.

We make special insulations and paint protection according to all usage areas, thus extending the life of our L type welding positioners. You can call us now to get detailed information about our L-type welding positioners, you can buy our L-type welding positioners that can meet all the necessary conditions for your company. Welkon Welding manufactures quality and economical products and makes your company’s work easier.

Our Solutions & Benefits for L Type Welding Positioner

Technical Details

Technical DetailsWWLPOZ1000WWLPOZ3000WWLPOZ5000
Rated Load Capacity (KG)100030005000
Mak.Work Piece Diameter (MM)150015003250
Table Diameter (MM)115012501350
Table Rotation MethodHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Crank Rotation MethodHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Tabla Rotation Speed (RPM)0,15-1,50,1-10,078-0,78
Dimension (MM)2500x2850x10002500x3000x12004300x3400x1760
Weight (Kg)2550360010300

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WHY CHOOSE OUR L Type Welding Positioner

Please take a look below the reasons why you should choose us and our l type welding positioner.

Target Oriented

Advantages of Using L Type Positioner

The advantages of using L-type positioner attract attention with its many advantages. After the workpiece is placed in the positioner during its use, the most suitable welding position can be adjusted with the necessary rotation, up and down operations. After the operator performs these operations, welding is done in a quality manner. With this positioner, which is used in many sectors, materials from 1 ton to 5 tons are provided to find the most accurate position for welding. The advantages of using this product include:

Being 3-axis and hydraulic, it eliminates the need for different tools for lifting and turning.
Welding operator can rotate the positioner clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down. In this way, the most suitable welding position is found.
It can be controlled remotely in terms of work safety.
Mass production is carried out and reduces the need for labor.

L Type Positioner Manufacturer

As an L type positioner manufacturer, our company offers quality products for all factories and workshops that need to use this product. We continue to develop our products with a control panel so that the operator can easily monitor and make adjustments.
It is painted depending on the sector and climatic conditions in which it will be used, and we do not compromise on quality during production to ensure a long life. With the L type positioner produced by our company, you can speed up your work and make quality welding. You can learn the technical specifications and price of our product by contacting us.


L Type Positioner (3 Axis+Hydraulic)

L-type positioner 3-axis and hydraulically gives welding position to parts of different shapes and weights. It facilitates the work of welding operators. In order to find the most suitable welding position, arm movements are also applied in addition to the up and down movement. It can perform all operations such as carrying, lifting and turning that occur during welding of materials. In this way, it also eliminates the need for different machines such as cranes.
The positioner that carries, rotates, and provides the most accurate position for welding increases work efficiency. It reduces the need for labor during manufacturing. It minimizes time loss and mass production is possible. The positioner, which is easy to use, ensures high quality and fast production.

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Most Popular Questions for L Type Welding Positioner

Please check our most popular questions for our l type welding positioner that we manufacture, to find answer easily. If you have any further questions, please inform us to get fast and correct answer.

Yes. Welkon manufactures the l type welding positioner at any quantity you want.

Yes. Welkon exports the l type welding positioner to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, you can always come to see and check our l type welding positioner.

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