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Chassis Positioner

Chain type rotators are used for rotating cross-sectional planar workpieces. The workpieces can be brought to the position suitable for welding with chain type rotators that provide rotation to the parts on the chain.

What is a Chassis Positioner?

Height adjustment can be made to the parts to be welded and desired welding height can be adjusted with endless chain length. Our chain type rotators help to ensure the best and trouble-free welding by ensuring that the H and I type profiles and crane beams take the optimum welding position. Our products have devices for chain drive and these devices act simultaneously.

Our chain type rotators are made up of components such as chain drives, remote control, electrical panel and housing. The best protection is provided to prevent damage to the products during welding. The operators who will use our chain type rotators can move the materials on the chain clockwise or counterclockwise. It can also be moved up and down so that the desired weld height can be achieved. Our chain type rotators consist of 2 driven units. If necessary, the number of units is increased and the angular height of the parts is rotated. 

Both units of our chain type rotators are driven and can work simultaneously with each other or they can work independently of each other if desired.

Chain rotators are produced as standard from 1 ton to 20 ton. However, we also manufacture special capacities that can carry higher weights. All of the products we produce are manufactured in compliance with EN, CE, health and safety regulations. We also manufacture customized chain type rotators and use anti-wear materials and paints depending on the values such as humidity, temperature, coldness according to the area of use.


Our Solutions & Benefits for Chassis Positioner


WHY CHOOSE OUR Chassis Positioner

Please take a look below the reasons why you should choose us and our chassis positioner.

Target Oriented

Chassis Positioner Advantages

There are many advantages of using a chassis positioner. There is no need for high labor force during the use of this system, which has increased quality and technological developments. While saving labor force, work efficiency increases at the same time. Occupational safety is prioritized. High-level measures are included in the system for the safety of employees and the work done. It is seen that the following benefits are seen with the use of the chassis positioner.

Truck, truck, wagon, trailer chassis assembly and 360 degree rotation are provided.
Mass production can be made and final resources are completed quickly.
It is possible to lift and weld large chassis with the lifting system.
Eliminates the difficulties experienced during welding of large chassis.
It is ensured that the work is carried out in a healthy way with the measures taken for occupational safety.

Chassis Positioner Manufacturer

As a chassis positioner manufacturer, we prepare products that enable the final welding of different types of chassis. It is enough to contact our company and specify which vehicle chassis you need this product for. In this way, we produce in high quality in appropriate sizes and features. It is possible to accelerate your work with our products that enable mass production.
We send our products to every point of Turkey. In this way, it is possible to have a positioner that enables the final welding of high quality chassis. You can contact our company to learn detailed information and prices about our products that ensure the safety of your employees and your business. In addition to the chassis positioners in standard sizes, your requests for positioners in special sizes are met in a short time.

Chassis Positioner

Chassis positioner is a system that allows the final welding of various chassis to be made smoothly and easily. This system is designed as a welding positioner located between the heads at the two ends. It is used during the final welding of the prepared chassis such as trucks, wagons, trucks, trailers. The use of this system increases work efficiency. It is possible to save labor and time.
Chassis positioner main body includes chassis fixing section, mounting platform, lifting system and hydraulic system. With this system, it is possible to rotate the chassis 360 degrees. While one head of the positioner rotates the chassis 360 degrees, the other head rotates idly. It is possible to weld in a quality manner and to fix the chassis.

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Most Popular Questions for Chassis Positioner

Please check our most popular questions for our chassis positioner that we manufacture, to find answer easily. If you have any further questions, please inform us to get fast and correct answer.

Yes. Welkon manufactures the chassis positioner at any quantity you want.

Yes. Welkon exports the chassis positioner to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, you can always come to see and check our chassis positioner.

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