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Column Boom Welding System

Column boom systems are frequently used in the manufacture of pipes, the manufacture of pressure vessels and tanks, the petrochemical industry, shipyards, nuclear and conventional power plants.

What is a Column Boom Welding System?

 It has been developed for the purpose of length and circular welding with automatic welding system. There are horizontal and vertical rails on the single axis for easy and vibration-free movement.

Welkon Welding has a mechanical safety system in all of column boom systems. There is a counterbalance system inside the columns for precise progression of the vertical movement of the booms. All cables in the system are protected by cable channels. Column boom systems are used as tig welding and mig/mag welding systems and provide superior performance. Call us for detailed information and price information.


Our Solutions & Benefits for Column Boom Welding System

Technical Details

Max.Load Capacity (KG)300300300300300300300
Min.Height Under Bom (MM)750750900900900900900
Maximum Tank Boiling Diameter (MM)2000300040004000400050005000
Maximum Boom Extension Length
Column Rotation Angle (º)270270270270270270270
Total Height (MM)3250325052005200520065006500
Boom Lenght (MM)2550340034004450550044505800
Elevator Power (KW)0,370,550,550,551,11,11,5
ColorRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -Grey

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WHY CHOOSE OUR Column Boom Welding System

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Target Oriented

Column Welding Boom Systems Advantages

The advantages of column boom welding systems include full automation. In this way, the need for manpower is minimized. The margin of error is reduced to zero during welding, which is made with precise measurements without the use of manpower. With its suitability for uninterrupted production, it ensures that production continues uninterruptedly, especially in factories that work in shifts. The system includes a turntable that can rotate 360 degrees. This table has the possibility of automatic or manual locking. single-axis horizontal and vertical rails are included in the system. Among the advantages offered by the system are:

There is a mechanical security system in the system and security is provided at the maximum level.
Production can be done serially and without interruption.
Perfect results are obtained with precise adjustment and determination of the welding place.
It saves time and labor.

Column Welding Boom Systems Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of column boom welding systems, we never compromise on quality in our products. We attach importance to the quality and safety of our products. Our product is also used in gas metal arc and tig welding systems such as submerged arc welding. It meets the expectations of factories that want to increase their production capacity.
Column boom systems produced by our company provide the necessary conditions for perfect welding. It puts an end to the cable mess with the cabling channels on it. You can get information about the technical features and price of our product, which will enable you to produce precise, high quality, circular welds uninterruptedly.


Column Boom Welding Systems

Column boom welding systems provide easy positioning. It makes it possible to make length welding with rotator and independent movement and joining. It has been developed as a system that will enable longitudinal or circular welding to be done smoothly and in series. During welding, the material is placed correctly and it is ensured to take the correct position. These systems enable rapid and rapid welding.
Factories that manufacture pipes are among the sectors where this system, which ensures serial and high quality welding, is used. It is also used in pressure vessels, tanks, shipyards, petrochemical industry, nuclear and conventional power generation factories. The most important feature of this system is that it has an automation system and that it can perform fast and serial welding.

Welkon Welding

Most Popular Questions for Column Boom Welding System

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Yes. Welkon manufactures the column boom welding system at any quantity you want.

Yes. Welkon exports the column boom welding system to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, you can always come to see and check our column boom welding system.

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