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Beam Welding Machine

As Welkon Welding, all beam welding systems that we manufacture are designed for straightening operations by ensuring that both surfaces of the structural beams are welded simultaneously and simultaneously.

What is a Beam Welding Machine?

In our system, the beams move on the rail system and linear welding is done on both sides. The welding machines on the system reduce work time and cost, thus making fast and high quality manufacturing. The number of welding heads can be increased optionally, so that the beams can be welded faster. As in all our welding systems, work and worker safety is very important in our beam welding systems.

It is used in places where many materials must be welded together as well as beam welding. In addition, the surface can be made suitable for use in hard coating welding by adding a few to our beam welding machines. Both surfaces of H, T and I shaped steel beams are welded simultaneously. We manufacture our beam welds according to size and usage areas.

Welkon Welding beam welding systems use submerged and mig/mag welding. It can be used for welding H, I, T beams as well as crane beams. It provides great convenience especially in welding of overhead cranes.

We give priority to worker safety, operator safety, material safety and system safety in all beam welding systems we manufacture. You can call us now for detailed information and price information about our beam welding systems.


Our Solutions & Benefits for Beam Welding Machine

Beam Welding Machine Technical Details

Technical DetailsWWDKM-1000WWDKM-1500WWDKM-2000WWDKM-3000
Weldign MethodTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/Saw
ColorRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -Grey
Dimension (MM)1350x2200x15001350x2900x15001350x3400x15001350x4400x1500
Workpiece Lenght (MM)1000150020003000
Meterial Weight (KG)400400600800
Bevel Drive Diameter (MM)200200200200
Metarial Diameter (Min.Max/MM)100-650100-650100-650100-650
Center Type5 mors5 Mors5 Mors5 Mors
Convertor Motor (KW)0,370,370,751,5

WHY CHOOSE OUR Beam Welding Machine

Please take a look below the reasons why you should choose us and our beam welding system.

Target Oriented

Beam Welding System Usage Areas

Beam welding system usage areas also include welding steel profiles. It can also be used on different materials that need to be welded on both sides by straightening next to the beam welding. In this system, gas and submerged arc welding systems are used. With the additions made to the system, surface hard coating welding is also possible. It increases work efficiency and ensures rapid progress of welding works. By using the system, it is possible to benefit from the following advantages.

Cost reduction is ensured in beam welding works.
Simultaneous welding can be done on both surfaces of H, T, I shaped steel beams.
Thanks to the pressure tools that keep the profile stable, it prevents surface deformations such as bending and twisting in the material.
In addition to beam welding, it is possible to perform hard surface coating welding without any problems.

Beam Welding Manufacturer

The priority of our beam welding manufacturer company is the quality of the products and work safety. It is seen that all measures are taken in terms of occupational safety during the use of all our products. We develop our products taking into account the needs of our customers. Our products with standard features are in stock. If you want it to have different features, simply contact us and specify.
We send our products to every point of Turkey. We ensure that the beam welds are made with high quality and advanced technology machinery. All products are subject to quality control and in this way, we make sure that there will be no problems during use. You can learn about the prices and technical features of our products by contacting our company.


Beam Welding System

The beam welding system provides simultaneous welding of both ends of the profiles in the beams. With this feature, it is possible to perform straightening and alignment processes without any problems. The beams are placed on the linear plane on the machine. In this way, welding of both ends can be done simultaneously and linearly. In this way, it is possible to carry out the welding work quickly and safely.
In this system, in which occupational safety is prioritized, there are no situations such as moving parts, falling or insufficient welding during welding. In addition, the measures taken in terms of occupational safety of workers prevent problems from occurring. With the straightening feature in the system, it also performs the straightening process after welding.

Welkon Welding

Most Popular Questions for Beam Welding System

Please check our most popular questions for our beam welding system that we manufacture, to find answer easily. If you have any further questions, please inform us to get fast and correct answer.

Yes. Welkon manufactures the beam welding system at any quantity you want.

Yes. Welkon exports the beam welding system to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, you can always come to see and check our beam welding system.

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