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In all kinds of wielding technologies the single and multiple phase welding TIG appeal to a broad area, in which the MIG / MAG as well as the submerged arc welding.

What is a Circular Welding Machine & Systems?

The system is used for the circular welding of the materials with circular form and enables the root welding to come under the area, where the welding process is undertaken. With material and time saving, it increases the efficiency and yield two folds. With the extrusion heads and the pneumatically driven counter-spot welding system, it is possible to extrude the materials with the diameter of 100 mm – 1000 mm with the length of 300 mm – 6000 mm and with the thickness of 1 mm – 10 mm and to undertake precise welding by connecting the extruded materials to single – double torque mechanisms via the speed control settings.

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Technical Details

Technical DetailsKWDKM-1000KWDKM-1500KWDKM-2000KWDKM-3000
Metarial Diameter (Min.Max/MM)100-650100-650100-650100-650
Workpiece Lenght (MM)1000150020003000
Convertor Motor (KW)0,370,370,751,5
Bevel Drive Diameter (MM)200200200200
Center Type5 mors5 Mors5 Mors5 Mors
Meterial Weight (KG)400400600800
Dimension (MM)1350x2200x15001350x2900x15001350x3400x15001350x4400x1500
ColorRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -GreyRed -Grey
Weldign MethodTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/SawTig /Migmag/Saw


Please take a look below the reasons why you should choose us and our circular welding machine & sytems.

Target Oriented

Circular Welding Machine Usage Areas

Circular welding machine usage areas are quite wide. Therefore, the need for the machine continues to increase. The perfect welding of the workpieces ensures maximum safety during use. Before welding machines were developed, work was done with human power. Welding with manpower did not provide the desired security and also caused the work to progress slowly. With the development of circular welding machine systems, it is used especially in the following areas and the production is accelerated.

Manufacturing of LPG tanks
Boiler manufacture
Hydraulic cylinder
Thermosiphon conveyor drum
Conveyor roller
Solar boiler etc.

Circular Welding Machine & Systems Manufacturer

Our company, which is a circular welding machine manufacturer, is used for welding all the products we have mentioned above. Our machines, which consume low energy and are highly efficient, can be used in tig, submerged arc and gas arc welding works. If you provide information about the diameter, length and wall thickness of the material to be welded, we produce circular welding machines with suitable features.

Perfect welding can be done with these systems produced by our company. Labor and time can be saved. You can get information about circular welding machine prices and technical specifications by contacting our company. We send our products of superior quality to the whole world. In this way, we ensure that your need for a fast and high quality circular welding machine is met.


What is Circular Welding Machine System?

When the circular welding machine system is examined and how it works, firstly, the part is tightened with the clamping section in the machine. The part fixed in this way is welded from the outside to the inside. Its weld is clamped by pneumatic thrust, driven counter center system. In this way, the speed is adjusted. After the speed adjustment is made, welding is done precisely with one double or more torch systems. It makes environmental welding and it is possible to make root welding with high quality. It can be used in multi-run or single-run welding. It eliminates the problems experienced during the construction of interlocking welds. It makes it possible to make perfect gas metal arc, submerged arc and tig welding. Welding of circular workpieces, which have difficulties in overlapping each other, is done with this machine without any problems. Maximum efficiency is obtained in works that require the parts to be overlapped and intertwined for the purpose of more distortion when welding is done by machine. It prevents the need for high labor force for welding. In addition, it is possible to speed up the work and increase the efficiency by making the welding fast.

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Most Popular Questions for Circular Welding Machines & Systems

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Yes. Welkon manufactures the circular welding machines and systems at any quantity you want.

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