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Boom Welding Machine

Our boom welding machines are generally used for welding of mobile booms. It provides fast and easy linear welding which cannot be accessed and welded continuously by heavy duty operators.

What is a Boom Welding Machine?

It is fixed by means of the clamps, which enable easy holding of the big booms on the machine. This prevents the boom from twisting or bending during welding. It can be controlled by plc screen on our machine.

Our machines have a horizontal slide system and the jaws integrated to this system ensure that the workpieces remain vibration-free and stable. Thus, the boom welding machine moves and enables the welding of the sections selected by the operator.

It is used in all heavy factory conditions where linear welding is required to shorten downtime, increase productivity and reduce costs. Thanks to our boom welding machines, you can obtain high quality welding lines. In addition, deviations are prevented by means of welding tracking system, thus ensuring trouble-free welding. Please call us now for detailed information and price information about our Welkon Welding boom welding machines.


Our Solutions & Benefits for Boom Welding Machines



Please take a look below the reasons why you should choose us and our boom welding machines.

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Boom Welding Machine Usage Advantages

Boom welding machine is used in many sectors with the advantages of using it. Welding boom machine movement is controlled by the operator. It is ensured that the welding results uninterruptedly with the machine moving. Movement and vibration of materials are prevented. The material is fixed at the right point and welded. Among the advantages of using this machine are the following.

Operator can control the source with the PLC screen on the machine.
It is ensured that the boom welds are made with precision and quality.
Welding of points that welding operators will have difficulty in reaching can be done in series
Production is done quickly and in series.
Uninterrupted production is possible
With the machine's mobility, it is possible to weld uninterruptedly in the horizontal and vertical planes.
Work efficiency increases, manpower and time are saved.

Boom Welding Machine Manufacturer

Our company, which is a boom welding machine manufacturer, follows the technology closely. We are constantly improving our products and increasing the advantages of using them. We never compromise on safety as well as quality during production. We take high-level measures for the safety of employees, materials and work. It is possible for your work to progress rapidly with the boom welding machine produced by paying attention to these precautions.
With the tracking system on the machine, the control can be done instantly. With the superior features of our products, you can maximize the work efficiency in your factory. We send our products to every point of Turkey. In this way, it is possible to use our products of superior quality in every part of our country. You can contact us to learn the technical specifications of the boom welding machine and to get the price information.


Boom Welding Machine

Boom welding machine is used for boom welding at points where welding operators cannot reach. It is a machine mostly used for welding the booms of mobile cranes. Welding of booms located in the linear plane can be done easily and quickly. There are jaws on the machine. With the help of this jaw, large booms are fixed. Thus, it is possible to make the welding perfectly and quickly.
Welding is started by fixing the booms to the jaw on the machine. The welding operator can follow the work from the digital screen on the machine. It makes the necessary controls easily and it is possible for the work to run smoothly. It is connected to the mini booms with the torches in the machine. With horizontal slide systems, parts are fixed and precise welding can be done without any problems.

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Most Popular Questions for Boom Welding Machines

Please check our most popular questions for our boom weblding machines that we manufacture, to find answer easily. If you have any further questions, please inform us to get fast and correct answer.

Yes. Welkon manufactures the boom welding machines at any quantity you want.

Yes. Welkon exports the boom weldinng machines to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, you can always come to see and check our boom welding machines.

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